WGU Face-to-Face Presentation

WGU Face-to-Face Presentation

While our slogan suggests “tell PowerPoint you met someone else”, the truth is that sometimes a PowerPoint may be the right solution. This project aimed at communicating data-heavy program information to the WGU University governing board. The goal was to design a presentation that was thorough and engaging, but also short and to the point.

During this project, I worked as both an instructional designer and graphic designer. My role included:

• Supporting subject matter experts in content creation and message design
• Drafting high-level talking points, student personas, and classroom activities
• Designing and developing custom data visualizations. Transforming raw data from Excel into charts and diagrams that provided a meaningful insight
• Participating in review sessions
• Implementing feedback from reviewers
• Creating a “look and feel” for the presentation that was aligned with WGU branding standards


View demo below