“I have worked with Niftelearning on many projects.  The firm is a wonderful partner and collaborator and is focused on the learner and their experience.  They are able to transform the client’s ideas and requested deliverables into online learning that is not only effective, but engaging and innovative as well.”

Karen DeJarnette PMP | Program Manager
Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services, Inc.

I have used NifteLearning’s services years and have been absolutely blown away by the quality of their work. Madeleine and her team has been able to turn around projects very quickly while maintaining a high level of quality. When presented with a challenging project, NifteLearning jumps at the opportunity to design a course that is both effective and engaging. I have found the firm to be a huge asset to me and my company and I cannot recommend them enough for your next eLearning project. 

Andrew Chestnutt | CEO  
Nickel City Learning Solutions 

“Maddie is not just a collaborator; she takes on my projects wholeheartedly and makes them better. She’s a pleasure to work with, manages the chaos of creative development and always communicates where she is and what she needs from our team. Maddie has a great blend of artistic sensibility and logic, which is so necessary to create an engaging experience for elearningusers. “ 

Joel Lesko, | SunShower Learning  

Maddie is a creative, responsive, and thoughtful instructional designer whose commitment to student success is rivaled only by her commitment to her clients. Maddie has become a trusted partner to us and she consistently delivers high-quality work on tight deadlines. She is well-versed in pedagogy, values learner engagement, and is an absolute ninja in all things visual. I always appreciate her terrific work and clear, timely communication, and would jump at the chance to work with her on our next online course development project.   

Patrick Brennan 
Director, Account Development
Lumina Datamatics, Inc. 



“Working with NifteLearning has been a collaborative delight: the organized design process and clear communication are reassuring to us and result in a professional product that our clients value.” 

Clinton Otte-Ford
Instructional Designer
Web Courseworks, Ltd.