Interactive Video Quizzes

This demo was created by using a video clip rather than a static picture as the background image. The motion of the waves, along with the inclusion of intro music gives the course a more interactive and exciting feel. I also merged graphic genres, by including a cartoon character pirate.

Geek Speak for Developers

This demo is created entirely on one slide, with the base timeline pausing and resuming as the learner advances.

For more complex courses, I would use a variable count to record how many answers the learner scored correctly/incorrectly. However, for the demo, I wanted to require the learner to achieve the correct answer. I prevented the learner from returning to the base layer unless they obtained the right answer. I provided feedback by placing the pirate in a “hidden” state. His state is changed to “normal” when the wrong answer is chosen.

One unexpected challenge associated with interactive video quizzes is that you are required to do all your quizzing on slide layers. With a static image, you can jump to a different slide without the learner noticing. This cannot easily happen with video. This requires you to custom build all your quizzes on the layers. In my opinion this makes it more practical for short Check For Understanding questions.

I hope you enjoyed this demo and are inspired to create your own video quiz!


View demo below